Monday, 12 October 2015

The Importance of a Septic Inspection When Purchasing a Home

Buying a new home involves many factors and details.Prospective buyers should always include a professional septic inspection when purchasing a home. Having an expert examine the waste water system gives buyers knowledge as well as peace of mind.A professional will be able to determine not only if the system is in good working order, but also critical information about the health, maintenance and longevity of the system.

What Should Be Checked

There are several key points in the septic system that need to be looked over by an inspector prior to the purchase of a new home.The underground tank needs a thorough check to determine sludge level as well as when and how often the tank needs pumping.Additionally, the inspector should check for cracks in or problems with the tank, the baffles and the entrance and exit portals. An inspection will also help determine if the size of the tank is sufficient for the home and its occupants.

The second part of the system that needs examination is the drain field, which is the grassy area in the landscaping where underground piping is buried.This piping allows water from the septic system to flow through the soil, which filters the water naturally as it flows downward.In a thorough septic inspection, the drain field should be checked for puddling, overly green patches of grass, and any large tree or other plant roots that could interfere with proper water absorption.

Who Is Qualified

Performing a thorough septic inspection is always a task for a trained professional.There are regulations and laws regarding septic systems and an expert will not only know, but also abide by, any laws to ensure safety.Professionals possess the equipment necessary to access the tank and other system components without exposure to dangerous substances.

Additionally, a qualified individual will be able to educate the potential home buyer on septic system basics and maintenance.Topics to discuss include what can and cannot be flushed into the system, how often it requires pumping and proper drain field care.During the inspection, buyers should feel confident that any questions regarding the operation and health of the system will be answered.

Ensuring that a septic inspection is on the checklist before purchasing a home gives buyers education as well as accurate information on which to base their decisions.When considering a home with a septic system, a professional inspector is an invaluable resource.For inspections and septic tank service in Santa Cruz, visit this website.

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