Thursday, 15 October 2015

3 Tips for Conserving Hot Water

If you’d like to save money on your water heating bills, and live in a more environmentally friendly manner, try using less hot water in your home. Check out the following list for a few quick tips on conserving hot water.
  1. Fix Your Leaky Faucets
Sometimes the simplest solution is best. Just by repairing your leaky fixtures (including shower heads, pipes, and faucets), you can save both money and hot water. A fixture that leaks at a rate of one drip a second can cost $1 per month. That might not sound like a lot, but if you have several leaky fixtures that go on leaking for months, those dollars will start to add up.
  1. Wash Your Clothes in Cool Water
Washing machines use up a great deal of water. Instead of washing your clothes less often, just try setting your washer to a cool temperature for all of your loads. You can use cold-water detergents for almost all of your laundry. When you do have to wash in hot water, set the rinse cycle to cold.
  1. Use Cold Water with Your Disposal
Using cold water when you run your disposal can also help to conserve energy. Cold water also solidifies grease, so the disposal itself will work more effectively.

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