Friday, 16 October 2015

How to Improve Water Pressure in Your Bathroom

Losing water pressure in the bathroom can be very frustrating. Low pressure showers can add unnecessary challenge to daily hygiene, and low pressure faucets are a headache all their own. There are many potential causes for a drop in pressure, so here is a method to help you get the pressure back up. 

Find the Cause 

Start by isolating the symptoms. Is the problem just in one faucet, just in one room or in the whole house? This isolation will tell you if you need to fix a filter or head, a piping system or a holding tank respectively.

Case 1: Just One Faucet

If the problem is a single faucet or showerhead then these simple steps will resolve the issue: 
  • Detach the head and check for any debris or clogging.
  • Empty the aerator or flow regulator.
  • Replace a faulty shower head.
  • Check for signs of leaking pipes.

Case 2: The Entire Bathroom

When an entire room has low pressure, the issue is either leaking pipes or a pressure regulating valve. To adjust the valve:

  • Loosen the locking nut.
  • Turn the adjustment screw clockwise for more pressure or counterclockwise for less pressure.
  • Tighten the locking nut.

Case 3: The Entire House

When the entire house has flow problems, then either a holding tank or the piping from the holding tank will be the culprit. This can be caused by clogging, pump failure and even suboptimal pipe sizing. In any case, it is important to involve a qualified professional at this point and avoid increasing the damage or violating building codes.

Low-flow problems can be a nuisance, but now you have some tricks to help the cause. For more information on water pressure and drain maintenance in San Marcos, check out this site.

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